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Arabian Oud ARABELLA EDP - Product 100ml

Rp 2.400.000

Arabian Oud ARABELLA

Size : Edp 100 Ml

Top Notes : Plum,Blackcurrant,Citrus fruits.
Heart Notes :Woody notes Rose,Jasmine

Base Notes :Musk,Amber

Arabian Oud BUSSMA EDP - Product 95ml

Rp 1.749.000

BUSSMA by Arabian Oud
( clone Baccarat Rouge 540 )

Size : EDP 95ml

saffron and fresh bergamot fruit

amber, flannel blossom

white musk

100% Authentic
SPL ( Sillage, Projection, Longevity ) Result may vary due to many factors.
(please check reference on internet to be more objective)

Karena adanya peraturan HAK KEKAYAAN INTELEKTUAL (HAKI) yang berlaku,
informasi detail produk yg lebih lengkap tidak dapat ditulis disini.
Anda bisa mencarinya di situs review parfum / google.

Arabian Oud MADAWI 90ml - Product

Rp 2.149.000

Arabian Oud MADAWI

Size : 90 ml 

"The essence of femininity is captured in this scent, combining Eastern and Western aromas. The lasting base of seductive musk and wild rose will bring back nostalgic memories of romantic histories, while the soft top notes of peach and fruit blossom capture the joy of confident women today. With an elegant and sultry allure, feel irresistible while wearing Madawi."

Top notes : Peach and Apple Blossom;
middle note : Pineapple blossom;
base notes : Musk, Wild Rose and Patchouli.

Arabian Oud MUSK ROSE EDP 100ml - Product

Rp 1.649.000

Musk Rose by Arabian Oud

Size : EDP 100ml
Type : Floral Musk

Top: Apple , Musk
Middle: Roses , Frisia
Base: Amber , Vanilla

Arabian Oud RESALA EDP - Product 100ml

Rp 1.749.000

Arabian Oud RESALA EDP 100ml

Dark chocolate scent.

Notes : Chocolate, Woodsy Notes, Rose Petals, Vanilla, Saffron

100% Authentic

Arabian Oud ROSEWOOD EDP 100ml - Product

Rp 1.599.000

Arabian Oud ROSEWOOD

Size : EDP 100 ml
Type : Woody Floral Musk 

Top notes : Rose and Cambodian Oud; 
middle note : Madagascar Vanilla;
base notes : Olibanum and White Musk.

Lattafa OUD FOR GLORY Bade'e Al Oud - Product

Rp 449.000

Lattafa OUD FOR GLORY Bade'e Al Oud

Size : EDP 100ml
Type : Amber Woody 

Top notes : Saffron, Lavender and Nutmeg;
middle notes : Agarwood (Oud) and Patchouli;
base notes : Agarwood (Oud), Patchouli and Musk.

Lattafa Oud Mood EDP 100ml  - Product
sold out
sold out

Lattafa Oud Mood EDP 100ml - Product

Rp 299.000

Lattafa Oud Mood ( unisex )

Size : EDP 100ml
Type : Sweet Woody Amber

Top notes : Rose, Saffron and Pimento
Middle notes : Agarwood (Oud), Caramel, Floral Notes and Patchouli
Base notes : resins, Amber, Woody Notes, Incense and Musk.

Nights of Arabia KILLER OUD EDP 100ml - Product

Rp 399.000

Nights of Arabia KILLER OUD

Size : EDP 100ml

Nights of Arabia by Killer Oud is an oriental spicy fragrance for women and men.

Top notes are chinese grapefruit, juniper berries and saffron
Middle notes are black violet and leather
Base notes are cashmeran.