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Calvin Klein ALL EDT Parfum Original - Product 200ml

Rp 525.000 IDR 525000
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Calvin Klein CK ALL 200ml unisex ( for Men / Women )

Type : Citrus
Size : 200ml EDT

CK All is a refreshing composition that opens with citrus notes including mandarin.
The heart of the perfume includes citrus blossom and the Paradisone molecule, an intensified version of the Hedione molecule with the scent of jasmine.
The base is warm and oriental, adding a touch of amber.

100% Authentic
SPL ( Sillage, Projection, Longevity ) Result may vary due to many factors.
(please check reference on internet to be more objective)

Karena adanya peraturan HAK KEKAYAAN INTELEKTUAL (HAKI) yang berlaku,
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