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Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild EDP Original - Product 100ml

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This is a new fragrance Daisy Wild for women
was launched in 2024
Eau De Parfum

Kemasan : Product ( Sealed )
Size : 100ml , 50ml silahkan cek di varian :)

Type Aroma : Daisy Wild blends notes of banana blossom, never seen before in prestige perfumery, with an exquisite jasmine and nutty vetiver. These notes create a new addictive scent that beautifully captures the essence of nature

Top note is Banana Flower;
middle notes are Jasmine and Macadamia;
base notes are Vetiver and Sandalwood.

100% Authentic
SPL ( Sillage, Projection, Longevity ) Result may vary due to many factors.
(please check reference on internet to be more objective)

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