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Tory Burch Divine Moon EDP Original - Product 90ml

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Divine Moon Eau de Parfum for women
it is an intoxicating blend of Lady of the Night flower, honey and citrus. Inspired by Tory’s garden and apiary in Antigua, the balance is soothing and transportive. Divine Moon is one of five scents in the Essence of Dreams collection, celebrating the power of dreams.

Kemasan : Product Sealed
Size 90ml

Type Aroma : Top notes are Bergamot and Rhubarb;
middle notes are Lady of the Night Flower and Honey;
base notes are Sandalwood and Almond Milk.

100% Authentic
SPL ( Sillage, Projection, Longevity ) Result may vary due to many factors.
(please check reference on internet to be more objective)